Havenstreet War Shrine at Night

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Havenstreet War Shrine was built by the Willis Fleming family on their estate towards the end of WW1, the shrine is dedicated to the memory of 2nd Lieut. Richard Willis Fleming, who died in action in 1916.


  1. the Milky Way core rises over a long road towards a bright light

    Joshua H. (verified owner)


  2. heather at headon warren featuring the needles in the distance

    Mark (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful – am delighted with my purchase.

  3. Phil H. (verified owner)

    Fantastic photo and our friends on the I-o-W love it and were really pleased with the service when they picked it up. They also love your gallery. Thank you from Australia

  4. st helen’s fort walk on the isle of wight

    Richard S. (verified owner)

    Christmas present for my sister, she will love it.

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