Ventnor Cascade Gardens – Ventnor

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the sun setting over the sea from Ventnor cascade

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Ventnor Cascade Gardens were established around 1900 and uses an underground stream to power the waterfalls that tumble down the cascade. Photographed here during a winter sunset.

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  1. thousands of stars fill the sky during a display of airglow with a silhouette of trees in the foreground

    David R. (verified owner)

    Having purchased previously from Chads studio we are highly delighted with the quality of this photograph and the mount. It was well packaged and now looks fantastic next to our previous purchases. Thank You.

  2. the sun setting over the sea from Ventnor cascade

    Mike Hall

    Spectacular images, we have two (and I’m about to buy a 3rd)

    Image #1 from Mike Hall
    Image #2 from Mike Hall
  3. The Milky Way Rising Above a Field of Hay Bales

    Andrea Bloomfield (verified owner)

    Such a beautiful image full of mystery and life

  4. Dawn L. (verified owner)

    Beautiful canvas. A present for my Dad who was very surprised and extremely pleased. Chad is a talent!

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