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5 Appalling Facts about Light Pollution

5. The sky glow of Los Angeles is visible from an airplane 200 miles away. <img src=”https://chadpowellphotography.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/img_6368e2089eb17.jpg” alt=”Photo by Byrce David via Flickr (CC)” />Photo by Byrce David via Flickr (CC)Residents of L.A. haven’t been able to see the stars for a while. In fact some city dwellers don’t even know what […]

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Escaping The Light Dome By Donald Jensen

This brilliantly made short film paints a very real picture on the extreme effects of light pollution and how it affects our view of the stars above. It’s troubling to know that people who live in city areas have very little understanding of the affect all that light is having.

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